The Golden Hour After Birth And Why You Should Protect It At All Costs

Why has the “golden hour after birth” become a popular buzz term, if you will? And why are hospitals scrambling to change the culture of their labor and delivery units to cater to this “new” trend?

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Postpartum Depression: How Your Partner Suffers, Too.

Postpartum depression hurts. Your body is tired, your spirit feels lost, your food doesn’t taste good anymore. The world doesn’t seem to be on your side. No one understands, and you feel alone. Your spouse/partner, more than anyone else, is going to feel this pressure.

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Ready for visitors after you've given birth? Here's how to ask them for help without seeming pushy.

If you’re ready for visitors after giving birth you may want to stagger them out so you’re not bombarded one day then hearing crickets the next. The same goes for your Mom and Mother-law – fingers crossed you’re good with them both

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