Our number one dilemma ‘finding time'.


As moms, we never seem to have time and there are many reasons why. Some reasons are self-inflicted like mama guilt or plain old exhaustion and fatigue. Other times they are external reasons like work, family, extended family care, super mama attitude or just life in general. We all lead hectic lives so taking a 10-minute break for ourselves is almost next to impossible. With ten minutes, you can do the laundry, pack away toys, figure out dinner or whatever other chores that needs to get done. For us moms, with 10 minutes you can easily fit a complete day of chores..JUST KIDDING!! A favorite quote of mine is ‘We all have 24 hours in a day it’s how you use it’. I’m always checking to make sure I’m in tune and using it wisely. But in order to figure our 24 hours and our life, a self-assessment is the one way to go. Using a self-assessment or working through a checklist gives us a greater understanding of our preferences and values. It helps us manage how we use those 24 hours and if you can pinpoint that, ultimately it leads to living a more fulfilling and balanced life. If it’s one thing we all crave in 21st century is balance, and to get it we need to assess ourselves and using these questions below will hopefully help get us started. The key point here is to answer as truthfully as possible. Here goes.


  1. Do you struggle with relaxation?
  2. Do you have trouble saying no?
  3. Are you overly scheduling yourself, in the hopes of being seen as a good mama?
  4. What do I like to do in order to be happy?
  5. Do you define yourself by doing for others?

If you answered yes to two or fewer you are striking a balance. Yes, to all five or four out of five, you are out of balance. Yes, to three out of five, you have to be careful not to tip out of balance. If you answered them truthfully you have an idea of how you’re living ‘in/out of balance’. So now its becomes a question of how do you go about getting into balance? First you need to acknowledge you are out of balance. Ask yourself what does balance look like for me? Next, take a look at your typical day most of our activities are ‘child centered’. WHAT IF, you could cut out one child centered activity and make it your activity or time for you instead? You can combine something for you with their activity. For example, when they play, take time to read a few pages of your favorite magazine, books or listen to your favorite podcast. Burn some incense, light a candle and sit beside it with tea. Here’s what has worked for me. At the beginning of my son’s nap time, not in the middle and not at the end, I take 10–15 minutes for myself, I sit and do nothing or with feet up eyes closes for an even greater effect. Most of us can’t nap in the daytime but sitting with your eyes closed recharges the brain. When you work on creating balanced, you’re able to spot spaces in between your day to ‘FIND TIME’. Start with little things then build you way up.

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