10 ways to self care as a single mom


I take my hat off to all the single moms. As a single mom, heck as a mom it’s normal to forget about self-care, we are made to think our full devotion is on our kids then work then life and maybe us. Our days are long and at the end we are exhausted and depleted. If you’re a working single mom you leave your job then go home to start another job. If the kids are sick or cranky it will feel like your longest day ever. So SELF CARE will feel totally selfish and unnecessary because it’s time that otherwise could be devoted to the kids.

Well, it’s this belief that some of us are guilty of practicing which drives us to exhaustion. In order to give fully to our kids, we need to take care of ourselves first. We have to take care of our being as moms and other appendages of life without breaking down.

‘You can’t pour from an empty cup. You must fill your cup first’.

So, what is self-care for moms? It’s a joyful process; it’s definitely not selfish. If you don’t take care of yourself, you are on your way to depression and depletion. Who then will care for those precious kids you love? This is the reason why self-care is important.

Self-care is necessary and shouldn’t feel like a burden while practicing. The key to it is to develop a routine that is fun and easy to stick with. Play around with different ways to practice, pick what is convenient and utterly easy for you to indulge in. Here are self-care tips for you fabulous single moms.

1. Have a support system

Married or single you can’t go it alone. You need a support system, whether it’s family, friends, nanny, high school or college age babysitter. Whatever form your support comes in make sure you have one. It’s one of the key ways to make sure self-care happens

2. Take a vacation or a Staycation

When stress piles up on you as a single mom, it takes a toll. Plan a vacation to reduce stress. Plan ahead, reach out to friends or family members who can help with babysitting. Go with friends or go alone. Take a staycation, enjoy a day in your city, visit the museum, city attraction, sit in the park and people watch. Spend a day locally. With work and kids, we sometimes never enjoy the city or town we live in.

3. Sweat!!!

Physical activity gives you all you need for a balanced well-being. Single mom life may not include gym time. Don’t worry, call a friend over and go for a 30-minute walk.

4. Treat yourself to dinner

You don’t need a date to have dinner. Get the kids off to bed then order yourself a nice meal, top it off with champagne and music. Or schedule a babysitter and enjoy dinner in a fancy restaurant. You’re a mom, you deserve it.

5. Learn something new

Kill your curiosity by learning something new. You can also involve your kids and make it fun as well.

6. Smile and do it a lot

Brighten your mood? Smile! That’s it. We have so much to be thankful for.

7. Pamper yourself

There is no law in the single mom’s handbook that says you can’t pamper yourself and do it guilt-free. Soak in a hot bath, get a massage, do your hair different and feel like the queen of your castle. There’s nothing wrong with that. We spend our money on so much nonsense. So don’t shy away from spending some money and time on yourself.

8. Nothingness wouldn’t hurt

Doing nothing for a few hours can do a lot for your soul. Take a nap, listen to soothing music or meditate for a few minutes. All you need to do is schedule it, schedule yourself into your calendar, so you have nothing to do but ‘YOU’.

9. Indulge in your favorite guilty pleasures

We all have guilty pleasures. Just indulge in yours.

10. Create boundaries

Learn to say no to others and say more yes to yourself. It makes you feel good and in charge.

Self-care goes a long way to relieving stress piling on as a single mom and gives you the opportunity to take on the world. As a single mom, you need to feel loved, accepted and in charge. Self-care goes a long way in guaranteeing that happens.

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