Our biggest and cheapest self-care tool some of us possess and never use.


 When I talk to moms about self-care they give me that ‘shrug’, as if ‘nobody got time for that or GIRL BYE!!I Some think self-care is attributed to spending a lot of cash, so they instantly tell me they can’t afford it. Let’s be honest, if we add up the money we spend on frivolous things. We could cut back on frivolous spending and spare a little change to pamper ourselves. As mom, we take for granted all the things that we do. We do big motherhood moments and small ones that’s never talk about. Like the weekly mental inventory of what’s in the fridge so we can plan supermarket runs and cooking. And what leftovers goes in which Tupperware.

Money or not, it’s REALLY important that we make the time and find the time to do something for ourselves. You don’t need to go overboard with spending, because small things add up to HUGE victories over time.

So how then do I self-care on a budget?

Clean! Clean!! Clean!!!

First things first, toys may rule your house so start there.

“A team of UCLA researchers recently observed 32 Los Angeles families and found that all of the mothers’ stress hormones spiked during the time they spent dealing with their belongings. Similar to what multitasking does to your brain, physical clutter overloads your senses, making you feel stressed, and impairs your ability to think creatively. Cluttered environment increases stress levels, it has a direct effect on our mood and health. This makes day-to-day living a little harder than it really needs to be”.

It’s not rocket science that people dealing with clutter usually get depressed and lack self-motivation.

Although physical decluttering comes to mind when thinking about cleaning, you can also try mental decluttering to keep your mind body and soul free of things that could get you easily depressed.

For me, I’ve hired cleaning help. I’m a part of a moms group on Facebook and I see regular posts about house cleaning services being offered. I made an appointment with a woman who comes every week to clean/declutter.

Treat yourself

Cleaning takes out the old, treating yourself brings in the new. You don’t have to treat yourself to something very expensive. A new book, a new playlist or a new scented candle can make your day.

You can also try online discount coupons to get spa, massages and facials deals. I use livingsocial and groupon a lot, they are my go to for spa days within my neck of the woods. Thirty dollars can get you a facial or if they have a great special you can add a massage for a total of Fifty bucks. Check them out below.



pssst...Here's a secret, I went to my local CVS and they had mini facials packs available. They all costs under $5, I bought 3 and it was well worth it.

Relax! Rest!

There is no better self-care than being relaxed and well rested and its absolutely free. One thing we often overlook is the power of our bathtubs. It’s the biggest and cheapest self-care tool some of us possess. YEAHHH for mine.

As moms, most times we wait until the kids are asleep or we say when the kids are asleep then it’s our time. Guess what? At the end of the day we’re too tired. Or we fall asleep while putting them to sleep – I know I have!! Next thing you know its 1am and I’m leaving their room to mine. That rest at the end of the day NEVER HAPPENED!! So, depending on their age talk to them let them know what Mama needs. Schedule help so you can take a long bath, change up the bed time routine. Let them go to bed early one night. Then run yourself a warm bath, watch TV, light your candle, cozy up to your book…BOOM!! And just like that you are on your way to being a self-cared mom.

 Our Hobbies

Yes, I said it..HOBBIES. We all had an interest in something before we became moms. For me, its reading, a little bit of journaling and gym time. As our babies get older spend the extra twenty dollars to put them in day care or nursery for a few days a week. Then use that time to be creative or go back to something you love. My toddler goes to nursery school twice a week so I now have 3 hours twice a week to myself. Some morning after dropping him off I head to my local tea shop, some I run errands, go to the gym.  Other times I head back home and do NOTHING!!

You can also use the time to learn something new or research something that’s been on your mind to do. There are so many free courses online, we are moms we can figure this ‘me time’ out. We can and we MUST!


Exercising is one of the cheapest means of self-care. You don’t have to pay a dime to be fit. You can run, take a walk, do some cardio, or dance. If its to cold to go outside, whip out those old DVD's. These are things you can indulge in without breaking the bank.

Exercise is an essential part of my self-care. It’s been a part of my lifestyle so long that if I don’t do it, I’m miserable without it. I make a point to get it in, I take my toddler to the gym with me. Its $12 for him to stay there for however long I’m there and guess what? My gym has a spa and a sauna. HELLO!!

Self-care isn’t about how much you have to spend on yourself. It's all about what you achieve within your resources.

Until next time. Don’t forget YOU!!