What is self care to me


When I talk to folks about self care what pops into their mind is what I consider grooming i.e manicures and pedicure and getting your hair done. For me, self care is more than getting manicures and pedicures. It's doing things and activities that count towards my inner happiness and piece of mind.

'Your hair may be slammin,' your makeup flawless, and done right, your outfit well coordinated but emotionally and mentally you may feel empty and depleted' - Scared Pampering Principles, by Debrena Jackson Gandy

You may look good but you may not feel good.

It's what fuels me as a mom. Between all my to dos, pick up and drop off, if I'm feeling exhausted, I know I need to take a break. No sense running on empty, when that happens my voices raises and I'm near shouting. So with exhaustion eminent all I'm thinking or chanting is, I just need my tea. A little rest time, my incense and/or last resort bath time. Self care has been a part of me since pre-pregnancy and without it, I feel like I'm missing something 😦. Self care comes in many different forms for me. Below is my rough list of what keeps me sane. 

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What is self care to me:

  1. Hiring a live-in nanny
  2. Spending 2 hours alone at my local tea shop
  3. Taking an extra vacation a year without my kids
  4. It’s sticking to my kids 8 pm bed time even on the weekends
  5. It’s slowly getting back to the things I love and did pre-pregnancy
  6. It’s researching and buying holistic products
  7. It’s buying flowers for my home office from Trader Joe’s
  8. It’s empowering other moms about how important it is.
  9. It’s blending my kids activity with something for me (while my daughter has dance lessons I’m in the car reading or sometimes eyes closed to decompress)
  10. It’s long baths and incense
  11. Now that my kids sleep through the night, its spraying my pillow every night with Lavender pillow spray
  12. It's my little bottles of aromatherapy to re-energize me throughout the day

If you have a few, I'd love to hear them. Drop them in the comments.

Don't forget you,

Love, Ruth