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What’s Normal (and not) After You Give Birth? When to see your doctor + when to chill

From magic to mayhem: Giving birth to a baby is an experience unlike any other. But as magical as it is, your body might end up feeling like a war zone. (It’s OK to complain a little. Or a lot. We get it.

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What's my cervix got to do with it? Everything!!

If you’re already a mom, you know good and well what your cervix is. At least, you’ve heard a lot about it. It’s the part inside you that dilates to push your baby through. During the birth process, many of us get our cervix checked to see how far along we are in labor. The cervix is an amazing part of the female body that makes childbirth possible. We love our cervix! So it makes sense that we want to take care of it, right?

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