Ready for visitors after you've given birth? Here's how to ask them for help without seeming pushy.

image via: rawpixel

image via: rawpixel

If you’re ready for visitors after giving birth you may want to stagger them out so you’re not bombarded one day then hearing crickets the next. The same goes for your Mom and Mother-In-Law – fingers crossed they get along and you’re good with them both. Remember, if your family members ask if you need anything say YES! And if no one is asking ‘what can I do to help’ but you could really use a hand. Don’t be shy about asking them to bring your favorite soup. Some family members who don’t have kids may not know how to help; You’ll have to ask them, it’s as simple as saying ‘could you do me a huge favor’. Also, babies work on schedule so have a specific time when visitors can come by; between naps and feedings.

There’s no doubt you will need help, here’s the list:

1.    Picking up groceries

2.    Cook a meal

3.    Bring a meal, coffee or snacks

4.    Order you food delivery service (,

5.    Meal Train Service (these are highly recommended)

6.    Clean up the kitchen

7.    Do a load of laundry

8.    Fold the laundry

9.    Light housekeeping

10. Emptying the dishwasher

11. Take your dog for a walk

12. Change your sheets

13. Someone to be with you for support, encouragement.

 If there’s siblings in the house:

1.    Take them for a walk.

2.    Offer to babysit.

3.    If you’re comfortable with them sleeping away from home, this works great as well.

4.    While you tend to your newborn have your partner or friends take them for a day out.