Why errands and everyday chores are programmed self care


As moms we spend so much of our time juggling between kids, errands and family. Taking care of ourselves is always last. A few weeks ago, I read an article about PROGRAMMING OURSELVES to include ourselves. We think of self care mostly as bubble baths or face mask but it can be literally what we make it. What brings us joy or in terms of motherhood what makes us not loose out shit.  Its making self care a part of our everyday life, like eating, sleeping, chores, running errands, things we are mentally ‘programmed’ to do. As women we're indirectly told and we see it in the women in our lives (moms, aunts) that mom life' is a life of only self sacrifice. Its what they did as moms so we grow up thinking and doing the same. We take care of everyone except us. And if you're operating in that sphere self care will never come natural. It will take lots of work and effort on our part to make it happen. So how do we 'program' ourselves? elena-cordery-114707-unsplash

Photo by Elena Cordery on Unsplash


We take care of everyone except us.

According to French psychotherapist Emile Coué: when our imagination and will power are in conflict or are antagonistic, it’s always our imagination that wins, without any exception. Therefore, we can program ourselves by understanding the power of our imagination. Think about it, imagination have built cities, and made dreams come true. Imagination doesn’t happen on its own though we can’t just sit around and beam it into us. For imagination to happen there are three aspects that’s a must.

First we need our brains relaxed when our mind relaxes, the body unwinds. We slow down and with this slowness we are able to restore and energize ourselves. Have you ever sat down later in the day for a few minutes and its like everything you forgot this morning you now remember?..Yeah that!


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Second, visualization, imagine an image of what you want for yourself, something for you. Through visualization you can get a clear picture of that something is..visualize the to-do list and things being crossed off. Nothing says self care and make you feel like you put your life together like crossing things off from your to-do list.

Nothing says self care and make you feel like you put your life together like crossing things off from your to-do list.


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Third and final piece is affirmation, affirmations bring about new thoughts and feelings. When we add new feelings, it does double duty of inducing good thoughts in us and encourages us to consciously act upon them. We can all program ourselves for self-care we just need to RELAX, VISUALIZE and AFFIRM. It’s the principle that’s used by many high achievers.  We moms are high achievers, its time we start doing the same. I know, it’s doesn’t sound easy and may seem hard to fathom. But nothing tried nothing done. Lets all imagine together.