Programming yourself to self care

As mamas we spend most of our time juggling between our kids, errands, work and family life that our self-care is last on the list or it may not even make the list. To make sure we include ourselves, we have to literally program ourselves to self-care. I know, you’re thinking how does programming ‘me’ works. Emile Coué, the French psychotherapist once said: "When imagination and will power are in conflict or are antagonistic, it’s always imagination which wins, without any exception". You can program yourself by understanding the power of  imagination. Imagination have built cities, and made dreams come true. Imagination even though powerful,  doesn’t happen on its own there are three other aspects at play. First our brain needs to be in a relaxed state, when the mind relaxes, the body unwinds. We slow down and with this slowness we are able to restore and energize ourselves which help bring about change. Second, visualization- imagine an image of what you want for yourself, something for 'you'. Through visualization you can get a clear picture of what self-care means to you. The final piece is affirmation-affirmations bring about new thoughts and feelings. When you add new feelings it does double duty of inducing good thoughts and encouraging you to consciously act upon them. We can program ourselves for self-care, just relax, visualize and affirm. It’s this principle that’s used by many high achievers and successful entrepreneurs. With that said, here are 10 ways to self care in 20 minutes or less: woman-in-bubble-bath-with-candles

Soak in Epsom salts – it’s a powerful detoxifier.

Do a few yoga poses - think sun salutation or exercise stretches.


Meditate – designate a sanctuary spot in your house/work/or the park - sit quietly with your eyes closed.

dry brushing.jpg 2

Dry Brushing – a holistic way to exfoliate your skin, unclog pores and relieve stress.

National-Napping-DayA 20 minute power nap.

Journaling – writing down your feelings.

Get a new hair style or Mani/Pedi.

Take a break from the internet (social media, news) disconnecting/unplugging.

Call a friend or family member.

Take a 10 - 20 minutes walk at a comfortable speed.

Hope this list helps you relax, visual and affirm some self-care time.

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