Holistic Routines that can change your life

sunset-691848_1920 It’s said that the best way to be most productive in your day is to start with a healthy morning routine. Being a mama, morning routines tend to follow no particular order.  You can start some days off as planned and others are based around the mood of the kids. For me and whenever possible starting my mornings off with a simple Meditation puts me in the right frame for the day. I just sit up in the middle of the bed legs crossed, palms up, head tilted, eyes closed and a few deep breathes – of course until I’m interrupted by my toddler.


Don’t skip Breakfast: Breakfast for me is a meal i can't skip so making sure I have breakfast is key to me. If i don't have breakfast, I pick on crappy foods all day never feeling fully sated. By the afternoon i feel bloated and all i can think about is how to work off the calories.

Exercises, I incorporate at least 30 minutes per day. While pregnant I ended up doing more yoga and exercise stretches, I’m 7 months postpartum and still don’t feel the urge to do anything hard core at the gym so it’s been yoga for me. I guess I’m still adjusting to life with 2 kids – or that’s what I tell myself.


Home Cooked Meal, I grew up with home cooked meals and made it a part of my adult life. So now that I have kids I’m trying to do the same for them. Plus my husband loves coming home to dinner and my toddler looks forward to it every night. Its the simple things in life you remember the most.

Journaling, my journaling involves my to-do lists. My journal is a bit of both, things I want to accomplish for me by putting me on the list ensures I squeeze in some ‘me time’ and the list of things to do throughout the week - kids school stuff, errands, etc. Either way I find it helpful to jot it down on paper.

Tea, after 2 pregnancies I’m now more of a tea drinker than ever before. While pregnant I stayed away from lots of caffeine. I use to think I couldn’t live without a cup every morning but before pregnancy  I did a 5 day Dr. Oz cleanse. The cleanse involved no caffeine for 5 days, you wake up to green juices. I'm proud to say caffeine is no longer my mood booster. It’s amazing what we make ourselves believe. Now at least 4 times a day I’m drinking green, chamomile or rooibos tea.


Incorporating more greens, I can definitely say that with all the juicing craze lately I’m incorporating more green juicing and salads into my diet and have cut down on sugar. I’ve decided to consume less than 10 grams of sugar per serving and that's hard to do. I scrutinized every label and count every calorie which is a bit much sometimes. But as I make better choices I feel great inside and my skin looks awesome.

Savor some time for family or friends, I usually try to make a call - not text, once a week mostly on the weekends. My family is scattered all over the country so I try and alternate who I call what week. I do the same for my friends, I have a few from jobs I had 10 years ago and we’re still in contact today.

Just these simple holistic routines have changed my life for the better.

What are some of the routines you swear by? Let me know.

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