How I Survived My Winter Pregnancy

Surviving the winter is a task whether you are pregnant or not. For me,  i was in deep survival mood. I was more cognizant of every step I took at home and in around the City. It was especially treacherous because winter 2015 it snowed every weekend, it just kept on piling!  I was lucky enough to work all the way up to 39 weeks (I had a scheduled C-Section) so I navigated bundled up and with caution.  There are a few precautionary things I did to make it easier.

Notify your Employer – especially your Boss

I notified my employer and my boss that I was pregnant and while pregnant I will be moving at a slower than normal pace.  Because there was a snow storm in the forecast every weekend, I went further by suggesting to take my laptop home. I also stated an expected time of arrival on snow days. For me 10 am worked best, enough time for train tracks to be cleared and delayed trains up and running. Fingers crossed you have a nice boss!!

Staying Hydrated

I stayed hydrated! The winter air tends to be really dry, dehydration is not healthy for you or your baby.  Dehydration can lead to low levels of amniotic fluids, low fluids will initiate contractions. To avoid dehydration I carried a water bottle in my bag, I sipped throughout the day versus trying to chug it down a couple of times per day. Sipping is best, as your body easily absorbs the water leaving you feeling hydrated. I no longer drink soda and don’t like the taste of plain water so I added fruits. I crushed grapes, added orange slices or whatever was in season its my way of getting in sugars without the added calories. I also mixed things up by adding decaffeinated and herbal teas.  I used herbal teas like Red Raspberry, Nettle, Rooibos or Peppermint – which is good for morning sickness. Nettle and Red Raspberry are specific for pregnancy, any others just ask your doctor before taking them.

Stock up on Natural Remedies

I choose a more natural holistic approach to everything i do. One of the things I did every week was make sure I had ample supply of lemons, honey, garlic and ginger. Lemons and honey work wonders to fight colds and runny nose. A good ginger and lemon tea is magical to have first thing in the morning or if your prefer lemons/lemon juice in a cup of warm water. Lemons are full of Vitamin C, they flush out toxins and having some first thing in the morning wakes up your organs. Go out and grab a few of these!

Shoe Shopping

Hold your horses! This doesn’t mean i had a free pass to head to the nearest mall. I bought comfortable boots/shoes, on-slip rubber soled shoes or boots (like the one pictured) it has great traction to help me navigate the concrete jungle.  After a snow storm the sidewalks are slippery so i was careful, our center of gravity changes making us more prone to falling. If ever you feel you’re going down put your hands out in front of your belly and try to break the fall. If you do fall on your belly check if the baby is moving, if there is no movement or if you feel any pain go to the ER.

Stay Warm & Cozy

The cold weather makes me vulnerable to cold and flu like symptoms, so I stayed inside most times and when inside I bundled up. Keep the temperature under 75 degrees, anything higher will be too hot and increase your chance of becoming dehydrated.  To save money you can start off wearing your regular coat no need to buy a ‘maternity’ coat immediately.  I use my regular coat all through my pregnancy, I outgrew it by spring.  Of course layering is important but even more when you’re pregnant, don’t forget your hat, mittens or gloves.

Are you currently expecting? How are you surviving the winter?

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