A symptoms guide: what's normal vs. urgent during pregnancy.


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Its normal to have fears as your body changes during pregnancy. You might put off a headache as nothing much but during pregnancy any persistent feeling needs attention. So how do you decide what’s normal or what needs immediate action? One way is to make sure you have a conversation with your doctor or health care professional. You won't remember everything during the first month of appointments. So, ask sooner rather than later it’s the quickest way to know what your doc considers normal vs. emergency for you. Remember your they are provider is your primary source of health information.

Another thing is, get familiar and on a first name basis with other care staff in the office - the nurse, nurse-practitioners and physician assistants. Most times when you call you’ll speak to them first.  They can and will answer questions as your doc would. Doctors are always busy with patients and may not have the time at that second when you call. The last and most important thing is when in doubt ALWAYS call.


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With my own pregnancy I started spotting at seven months, day 1 was brown by day 2 it wasn't bright red but red enough for me to make a call. I was told to head to the OB/ER right away. Thankfully after being hooked up and monitored it was one of those unexplained scenarios, everything was just that unexplained and okay.

If you are pregnant or plan on being in the future this guide is for you. I found this quick list via Mayo Clinic, and I've jotted them down, see below:

Symptom  When to call your Doctor or Health Care Professional
Vaginal Bleeding or spotting:
Slight spotting that goes away within a day Next Visit
Any spotting or bleeding that lasts more than a day Same Day
Moderate to heavy bleeding Immediately
Any amount of bleeding accompanied by pain, fever, chills Immediately
 Occasional pulling, twinging or pinching sensation on one or both side of the abdomen Next Visit
Occasional mild headaches Next Visit
Moderate, bothersome headache that won't go away Same Day
Severe or persistent headache, especially with dizziness, faintness or visual disturbances Immediately
Moderate or severe pelvic pain Immediately
Any degree of pelvic pain that doesn't subside Immediately
Pain with fever or bleeding Immediately
Occasional Next Visit
Once every day Next Visit
More than two or three times a day Immediately
With pain or fever Immediately
Other Symptoms:
Chills or fever (temperature of 102 degrees or higher) Immediately
Painful urination Immediately
Steady or heavy discharge of watery fluid from the vagina Immediately
Sudden swelling of face, hands, feet Immediately
Visual disturbances (dimness, blurring) Immediately