This Mom Just Gave Birth in the Red Sea & the Photos Are Stunning


When it comes to giving birth these days, more and more moms are forgoing hospitals for their living rooms, bathtubs, and apparently, the most beautiful seas in the world. Whether it helps them feel close to nature or more bonded with their children, these "unusual" birthing places are becoming way more common. In what appears to be the coolest, most unique water birth we've ever seen, one mom gave birth in the Red Sea and nearby local was able to capture the entire thing.

The photos were taken by local Hadia Hosny El Said from the balcony of her uncle's apartment.Woman gives birth in the red seaHadia Hosny El Said/Facebook

According to Fox News, El Said's uncle, Mohamed El Said, was actually the doctor helping the couple give birth, and he specializes in helping with water births. She also explained that the pregnant woman and her partner, whose names have not been released to the media, were Russian tourists who came to Dahab, Egypt, specifically to give birth in the Red Sea.

The woman, her partner, and the doctor entered the sea to take a swim.Mom gives birth in the red seaHadia Hosny El Said/Facebook

Shortly after, the mom gave birth to her baby before walking calmly to shore. In her original Facebook post, El Said wrote that she was amazed at how cool and collected the mom was.  "The mother's departure from the sea after birth was as if nothing had happened," she said

The woman's partner and the doctor checked out the baby while the mom rested on shore.Woman gives birth to baby in the red seaHadia Hosny El Said/Facebook

While the older man held onto the little red newborn, the younger man placed his placenta, still attached, in an orange bowl.

The men then met the mom on the beach and were joined by another child who was eager to meet the new baby.woman gives birth in the red seaHadia Hosny El Said/Facebook

The woman's partner appeared to be holding up his own camera to snap a few pictures of the new mom and their family.

The mom appeared happy, but there was very little to indicate that she'd just given birth.Woman gives birth in the red seaHadia Hosny El Said/Facebook

She didn't look like she was exhausted, lethargic, or even in pain as she calmly dried herself off with a towel and watched the doctor take care of her newborn.

Then, as quickly as the mom gave birth in the sea, they all left the beach with the baby cuddled in the doctor's arms.Mom gives birth in the red seaHadia Hosny El Said/Facebook

Since the photos were posted on El Said's Facebook page on Saturday, they've gone viral all over the world. And while this mom's sea birth is one of the coolest things we've ever seen, she actually isn't the first mom to do it. Egyptian news outlets say that many expecting moms have gone to Dahab to give birth to their babies in the Red Sea recently, though the reason why is unclear.

Despite the growing trend, experts warn that giving birth in the open ocean could be risky. According to Live Science, sea and ocean births haven't been studied enough to actually call them "safe." And Miami-based doctor Dr. Saima Aftab told Live Science the high salt content of the ocean could seriously harm a baby if they were to accidentally take a gulp of the water during the birthing process.

Still, while it may not be recommended, this mom and her baby seemed happy and healthy following their incredible birth experience. We're sure this one was just as amazing to experience as it was to witness.

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