Prenatal Benefits of BOUND ANGLE POSE

There are many benefits to practicing yoga. Yoga improves our circulation, strengthen our muscles, connective tissues and stimulates our lymphatic flow. For mamas in labor yoga helps connect with your breath, it moves labor along with more ease and awareness. A great pose to do Bound Angle Pose. Level of Difficulty - Basic (BAh-dah-cone-AHS-anna)

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This pose is great for expecting and new mamas. It opens up the groin muscles, increases knee flexibility, works our inner thigh and keep our spine in alignment. You can do a few pelvic exercises/kegels which strengthens our pelvic floor. It’s recommended you practice yoga 3 days a week.

Easy at home directions: Use the wall or sit comfortably on a blanket or mat. Bring both feet together and lift the spine tall. Draw your shoulders back Allow your inner thighs to spread wide, lift the crown of your head towards the sky. If you are still able to, interlace your fingers around your feet, cradling your toes. Hold the pose take a few breaths, acknowledge your breath with a long OM.