10 natural detoxifying foods for your body and mind if you are trying to conceive, expecting or postpartum.

There's a huge connection between the body and the mind. The way our body feels plays a big part in how our brain functions and our well-being. To keep it going good we periodically need to free the body of toxins, free radicals, and other nasty chemicals we eat. Doing so is one of many steps we can take to live and maintain a healthy life. Detoxification takes place in the kidneys, lymphatic system and live, a great liver means long-lasting benefits throughout the body. If you are trying to conceive, pregnant or postpartum having a clean diet is very important and a little detox is good. Its’s critical to avoid any intense cleansing during this time but you can squeeze in these 10 natural detoxifying foods that help both the mind and body.

Lemons :


Just add a little water in lemon juice. Drink a cup first thing every morning,  it easily flush toxins but avoid adding sugar for maximum detoxification effect. Lemon with some hot water also helps make the digestive tract efficient.

Olive Oil: 


A safe and good oil to use before, during and postpartum. Olive oil makes for a better choice of fat than most other options. If you are thinking about detoxifying your body always cook using olive oil. It has tons of health benefits; and a good addition to fruit juice to clean the liver and remove gallstones. You can also use it in your salad versus salad dressing which are mostly packed with sugar.



Mostly used in herbal healthy tea, it has a major effect on liver detox. You can use it only for a whole week in tea or smoothies. It goes hand in hand with a healthy meal plan to enjoy maximum detoxification.

Good ‘old’ H2O: 








Every organ in our body requires water (it naturally flushes out toxins from our body). If you are pregnant or breastfeeding your body needs to stay hydrated so more H2O is good at this stage. Increase water intake slowly without overloading the body to condition the kidneys, since it might not have received lots of water in the past.



With this root product you are sure of a healthy life and a liver that works well. For centuries it has been used in liver treatment and adding it in any detox diet is a major plus. For pregnant and postpartum mamas Dandelion tea helps replace essential nutrients, increase energy and milk production. Its mostly the forgotten tea during pregnancy and postpartum. It especially useful late in pregnancy and postpartum because it relieves fluid retention. Swelling and aching joints. It’s bitter to taste so a drop of honey does the trick.



Always a wonderful detox addition, garlic will enhance the immune system and boost liver function. The body will never get enough of it. Use it to add some flavor in any detox plan.



A detox addition that has been used in healing for centuries and has lots of benefits, use it in teas and other beverages or meals for its astringent properties and enhancing liver function. Adding some ginger to hot water changes the taste.

Green Tea: 


Green Tea is touted as the number one detox tea. The impeccable antioxidant value of green tea makes it a wonderful addition in a detox plan to destroy free radicals. A better state of mind means doing the best to see our body healthy and transformed. Substituting green tea with other juices and beverages will bring all the benefits we deserve without adding junk into your body during pregnancy and postpartum.



Another highly touted favorite. Kale perfectly blends into any shake and has immense nutrients. It cleans the kidney and is always included in kidney disease fighting diets recommended by doctors. Kale has anti-inflammatory properties antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and is a natural detox food worth thinking about all the time.



Their antioxidant and fiber levels are significant making it a major addition in any detox program. Its good fats are also important to pregnant or nursing mamas. Consume avocados without other additions for maximum benefits.

If your body feels great, your mind will also benefit leading to a better state of well-being if you're trying to conceive, pregnancy and beyond.

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